5 Benefits of Choosing Professional NDIS Plan Management

Managing a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan can be time-consuming and stressful, and the way you choose to manage your plan can impact the services you use and the items you may be able to claim.

There are 3 main ways to manage your funds and plan:

  • Management through the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency, a government organisation)
  • Management with a professional NDIA plan management company (like All Disability Plan Management) 
  • Self-management
  • A combination of the above 

Plan management – We manage your funds and plan for you. For example, the service provider sends us an invoice, we claim it through the NDIS, and then we pay it on your behalf. Having a plan manager offers a safeguard to ensure your services and items are claimable.
NDIA managed – The NDIA manages your funds for you and pays the providers on your behalf. 
Self-managed – You manage your funds and plan yourself, and make your claims through the NDIA yourself.
Combination – A combination of the above can often be your best option. Families often prefer to organise their support directly with their providers, but let a plan manager handle the paperwork.

Managing your NDIS plan: Benefits and drawbacks of each approach

Self-management: You have choice and flexibility with this option too, but you are responsible for paying bills, keeping records, and sending reports to the NDIA. This can be time-consuming and a heavy responsibility for yourself or a family member to take on. If you do ask to self-manage, the NDIA planner will assess whether you are capable of doing it. If the planner deems that the risk would be unacceptable, they will not allow it and will appoint a plan manager to handle your funding instead.

NDIA managed: If you rely on the NDIA for management, they’ll process service invoices on your behalf and help process claims, but you’ll be limited to registered NDIS providers, which aren’t easy to find in every area.  

Plan management: Plan managers are the link between you as a participant, the providers, and the NDIA. They can give people with disabilities and their families peace of mind and more time to live their lives by providing an independent, specialised financial service.

5 advantages of professional NDIS plan management

Plan management helps to support you in handling your NDIS funds in many ways.

1. Choose your providers 

With a professional plan manager, you have the same level of autonomy with regards to your provider choices as you would with self-managing. This is critical, as many people and families prefer to work with providers they know and trust, as not all providers are equally effective for specific needs. You’re also not limited to choosing NDIS-registered providers - so you can choose the best options for your needs. Plan Managers also ensure your providers are charging within the NDIS price guide limits.

2. Streamlined claim processing 

Submitting and processing claims under the NDIS can be stressful. It requires an understanding of complex codes, and the submission portal is difficult to navigate. Additionally, there can be a degree of uncertainty about what is or isn’t covered, and you need to have your paperwork in order for quick processing. Professional plan managers are knowledgeable about the inclusions of your specific plans, understand what paperwork is needed, and know how to quickly shuttle claims through the system. Payments often come through within days of invoicing when working with a plan manager. 

3. Plan and Allocate Spending

Budgeting is important while managing NDIS funds. It’s vital to keep track of your spending, since limits are set by your service agreements with providers. If you aren’t careful about staying within those limits, you could run out of funds. Plan managers help you manage and track carefully. All Disability Plan Management participants have an online personalised dashboard giving them 24 hour access to stay in touch with how their funding is tracking throughout their plan.

4. Knowledge

A plan manager can help ensure that the expenses you’re incurring are claimable,
and advise you of alternatives if they aren’t covered. Expenses can add up quickly, so understanding your NDIS funding in detail is essential. Plan managers also have a thorough grasp of the options available to people with disabilities under NDIS.

5. Plan management is included 

The cost of plan management is added to your funding for support under NDIS, and doesn’t take away from other categories in your plan. This means that there’s no need to balance your own budget or try to figure out the invoicing process when a plan manager can guide you. 

Ready to get started?

If you are looking for NDIS plan management help, talk to our professional team at All Disability Plan Management. We work with participants and providers across Australia, and our focused approach ensures that you always receive independent, professional, and reliable service. Get in touch with us today at [email protected] 

5 Benefits of Choosing Professional NDIS Plan Management