A Guide to NDIS Invoicing for Providers

Proper invoicing is critical if you’re a provider who works with the NDIS participants. Invoices with all the necessary components will be processed quickly and efficiently, which saves you time and resources. 

If your NDIS invoices are routinely paid late or sent back due to missing information, use this guide to make sure you have everything you need for prompt, accurate payments. 

What’s the secret to a perfect invoice? 

Perfect invoices contain elements that fall into three categories: General details, payment information and NDIS service information. 

General details

General details refer to the high-level information that payors have to know about your business and the invoice itself. The elements in this section often appear at the top of the invoice. You should include your business name and logo (if you have one), Australian Business Number (ABN), phone number, email address, contact person’s name, the invoice date, and the invoice number. 

Payment information 

Payment information is what payers use to ensure your payment is remitted properly. This usually appears near the bottom of the invoice and includes bank details such as your BSB and account number, account name, and an email address for remittance advice (a slip indicating that your invoice has been paid). 

NDIS Service Information

NDIS requires specific information for processing payments. This information helps them understand the scope of the services provided and is important for quick and accurate payment processing. 

These details are contained in the middle of the invoice. Here, you’ll include the date of the service provided, a description of the service, the NDIS service code (contained in the NDIS support catalogue booklet), units or hours of service, unit price per service, line total, and the grand total of all services included on the invoice. It’s essential to make sure the invoice clearly details the services, along with their relevant codes, so that there’s no ambiguity during processing. 

NDIS invoice tips for faster processing 

Every service provider loves getting paid promptly - and the good news is that NDIS payments can come through quite quickly if the invoice has the correct information. 

Here are some additional tips you can use to ensure your payments as a provider come through quickly: 

  • Remember that GST is not payable on most supports under the NDIS
  • NDIS has price limits
  • Set up service agreements: Service agreements are helpful for setting clear expectations with clients and can help clarify any issues that may arise with billing. Make sure that you keep signed and dated service agreements on file for all of your clients. (See our blog on Service Agreement here)
  • Stick to a schedule: Create a schedule for invoicing and stick to it so that you don’t fall behind or get confused when invoicing. It’s common to send out invoices weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, but you can choose what’s best for your business. You can also send a collective invoice with different services on it, rather than separate invoices for each service or date that services were performed. 
  • Send your invoices as PDFs: When sending digital invoices, avoid editable formats (such as a Word document or Excel spreadsheet) as these can display improperly when opened by the viewer. Instead, save your invoices as PDFs and upload or attach them to an email. 
  • Use invoice numbers: Keep track of your invoices by numbering each one and keeping a log of which numbers correspond to specific payment requests. If you ever need to go back through your records, it’s much easier to find past invoices when there are unique identifiers associated with each one. 
  • Get help from an accountant or bookkeeper: If you’re having trouble creating and tracking invoices, get some professional help. A bookkeeper or accountant can assist so that you don’t get behind on NDIS invoicing. 
  • It’s important to know that an invoice is not a timesheet: As an NDIS provider, you are required to monitor your invoices, collect payments, and lodge your own tax. 

Invoicing help through NDIS plan management

If you need help with invoicing for NDIS, download our free invoice sample PDF and fact sheet for reference. If you need further assistance, the All Disability Plan Management team is happy to review your first few invoices. Reach out to us at [email protected].  

A Guide to NDIS Invoicing for Providers