The Basic Process of NDIS Plan Management at All Disability

Making the switch from self-management to NDIS plan management can seem intimidating. However, there’s no need to worry - with a good plan management team on your side, the transition is simple and straightforward.  

The benefits of NDIS plan management 
NDIS plan management offers three main benefits to participants: 

  • Added support and direction to achieve your goals in life 
  • Flexibility to choose the services and supports that you want
  • NDIS financial management at no added cost to you

Added support and direction to achieve your goals in life 
The entire purpose of the NDIS is to support participants with challenges experienced with Daily life and to achieve your individual goals. Your NDIS plan along with the related supports and funding is centered on your goals. 

With self-management, you have support from providers, family members, and others who care about you, but ultimately it’s your responsibility to track your goals and use your funding carefully. 

With plan management, you have added support from experienced, knowledgeable plan managers who are NDIS experts. Your plan management team wants the best for you and will provide support at every step of your NDIS journey.

Flexibility to choose the services and supports that you want
By switching to NDIS plan management, you don’t lose flexibility or freedom - you can still use the same providers that you know and trust. If you need to choose new providers, you’ll have complete control over those selections. 
You’ll maintain the choice and control you had while self-managing, but you won’t have to worry about managing your funds, invoicing, or other financial tasks since your plan manager will handle that for you. 

NDIS financial management at no added cost 
Some NDIS participants mistakenly believe that plan management incurs added fees. In reality, the cost of having a plan manager is added to the funding included in your plan. This means that you get a suite of helpful services, like financial management, invoicing, and guidance from a knowledgeable plan manager, at no extra cost.

How the financial process works with All Disability Plan Management
Paying providers is simple with All Disability Plan Management. With our streamlined system, providers quickly receive payments and participants barely have to lift a finger. 
The process begins with emailing receipts or invoices to our team at [email protected]. We then upload them to our system. You have to choose to approve invoices yourself within 24 hours or your plan manager will approve them for you, checking first that you have available funding.
Next, the claim moves onto the NDIA for processing. Once approved, the NDIA pays All Disability Plan Management, and we pay your providers directly. This means that you don’t have to do anything beyond providing us with your receipts and invoices - no more keeping track of every cost or worrying about who has or hasn’t been paid. 
As a member of All Disability Plan Management, we will handle all of those details for you.

Other perks to consider with All Disability Plan Management 
All Disability Plan Management prides itself on giving excellent service to our members and their providers. We know that between self-management, NDIA management, and plan management, you have many options. But these following membership advantages set us apart from the crowd: 

  • Quick claim processing: We process claims and pay providers as fast as possible. Payments are almost always made within 3-5 working days.
  • Fast response times: You have direct contact with your plan manager who will call you back the same or next day if they are not available when you call.
  • Dedicated plan managers: When you call us, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of a call centre or confusing phone tree. You’ll speak directly with your own knowledgeable and helpful plan manager.
  • Constant support: We work closely with the Support Providers to get the best results for our members. By providing regular updates and focusing on communication, our participants always get the help they need. 
  • Personal online dashboard: Our online dashboard is available 24/7 to members and their nominated team. You can track your spending and plan budget at any time with this feature.  
  • Australian owned: We’re a homegrown organisation that operates throughout the country. Members can contact us in person or via email, video, phone or online at any time. 
  • IT’S FREE: Your NDIS plan covers the cost of plan management - so you get all these perks without having to pay extra. 
  • Regular membership promotions, competitions and news updates
  • Immediate eligibility for our member referral program

Experience the All Disability Plan Management difference today and contact us.

The Basic Process of NDIS Plan Management at All Disability